15 New Tracks Include A Duet With Pop Powerhouse Kelly Clarkson And Aldean's Unique Take On Southern Rap Over 90 Radio Stations Have Already Joined The 'Party' By Adding The Lead Single And Title Track

NASHVILLE, TN - Sep 23, 2010 - There's a lot about multi-platinum country rocker Jason Aldean that's become familiar during his first five years as a hitmaker; after all, he has spent more weeks at No. one on the radio charts than any other country artist in the last 14 months. Now, with the release of his robust 15 track studio disc MY KINDA PARTY on Nov. 2, 2010, Aldean builds on the sound that brought him to the 'party,' while continuing to push the boundaries of country music with his own unique style.

"The album is named MY KINDA PARTY because it's totally representative of what I like and what my fans have come to expect on my records and at the 'party' we throw at our shows," says Aldean. "I think the key is knowing who you are as an artist and taking it to an extreme without ripping anybody else off... it's all about knowing what it is that sets you apart."

Produced by Michael Knox, the essence of MY KINDA PARTY is the solidity of its material. By selling 3.5 million records in the first phase of his career, Aldean commanded the attention of Nashville's songwriters as he put together music for the album. As a result, MY KINDA PARTY is stacked with inviting melodies and intriguing storylines.

The first single, the muscular title track, has fit very quickly into the jacked-up portion of both his concert set list and radio playlists across the country. But there's other stylistic landscape to explore too, including his first full-fledged duet with big-voiced pop singer Kelly Clarkson for "Don't You Wanna Stay" and the groove of "Dirt Road Anthem" that suggests Aldean has listened to a little Snoop Dogg in his time.

Aldean's ultra-Southern vocal style gives him an immediately identifiable sound, and the band helps set him even further apart from other country stars.

"I don't want my records to sound like everybody else's," he insists. "The only way to do that is to cut it like we do... with my touring band and with an engineer that nobody else uses in Nashville, and I'm really proud of that."

1. Tattoos On This Town
(written by Neil Thrasher, Wendell Mobley, Michael Dulaney)
2. Dirt Road Anthem
(written by Brantley Gilbert, Colt Ford)
3. Church Pew or Barstool
(written by Josh Thompson, Adam Craig, Michael Howard)
4. Just Passing Through
(written by David Lee Murphy, Kim Tribble)
5. Fly Over States
(written by Neil Thrasher, Michael Dulaney)
6. My Kinda Party
(written by Brantley Gilbert)
7. I Ain't Ready to Quit
(written by Thomas Rhett Akins, Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis)
8. It Ain't Easy
(written by Justin Weaver, Caitlyn Smith, Jon Mabe)
9. Country Boy's World
(written by John Edwards, Jayce Hein, Ronny Vines, Tommy Curry)
10. Heartache That Don't Stop Hurting
(written by Brett James, Leslie Satcher)
11. Texas was You
(written by Neil Thrasher, Wendell Mobley, Tony Martin)
12. Don't You Wanna Stay
(written by Paul Jenkins, Jason Sellers, Andy Gibson)
13. See You When I See You
(written by Neil Thrasher, Wendell Mobley, Tony Martin)
14. If She Could See Me Now
(written by Bryan Edwards, Bill Luther, Justin Weaver)
15. Days Like These
(written by Neil Thrasher, Mike Busbee, Wendell Mobley)

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Mary Hilliard Harrington/Jamie Hicks