FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                    JULY 9, 2018


NASHVILLE, TN – RCA Nashville singer-songwriter Rachel Wammack delivers her debut single “Damage” to the Country radio airwaves today.

When I was 12 and just beginning to write songs, I couldn’t imagine that one day my songs, or voice, would be on the radio. Today is such a humbling day,” says Wammack.

I am so ready for the world to hear the songs that have come from my soul, and the fact that ‘Damage’ is my first single gives me such joy.”

The new song, written by Wammack along with Tom Douglas and David Hodges, appears on the Muscle Shoals’ native self-titled EP, Rachel Wammack, which was produced by Dann Huff and released this past April. 

Listen to “Damage” HERE.

“Damage” lyrics below:

Written by Rachel Wammack/Tom Douglas/David Hodges

I’m a bartender

Best friend pretender

I make drinks to help forget and help remember

Beautiful humans

I am a student

And I’ve seen it from all sides winning and losing


Oh, love can do

Love can do

Love can do some damage


She was his first wife

She was his whole life

He whispers through the whiskey that I’ve got her eyes

And then the others

The cancer, the mother

And the prodigal just trying to find some shelter


Oh, love can do

Love can do

Love can do some damage

Oh, love can do

Love can do

Love can do some damage


I listen and I smile

The breaking up to making up to walking down the aisle

We try to manage

From the cradle to the grave

Getting lost and getting saved

Love’s always been the same in any language


I’m a bartender

If you came in here

I’d pretend that I’ve forgotten to remember

All of the beauty

Beautiful ruins

And tonight I’ll make a toast to me and you and


And all that love can do

Love can do

Love can do some damage

Oh, all that love can do

I still love you

And love can do some damage

Oh, some damage

# # #

“Damage” Single Artwork

Credit: Matthew Berinato

For more information on Rachel Wammack, contact:

Fount Lynch

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