NASHVILLE, TN – Singer-songwriter Rachel Wammack (pronounced wa-mack) releases her debut self-titled EP, Rachel Wammack, today via RCA Records Nashville.

Listen to it HERE.

The new Rachel Wammack EP was produced by Dann Huff and marks the first commercial release to come from the 23-year old native of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, who was influenced heavily from the rich music history of her hometown, being shaped and sharpened by her upbringing there.

Wammack, who was eager to give her ever-growing fan base a glimpse of the environment that molded her into writing her first song at age 12, took a camera crew this past winter around her hometown, showcasing the people and places that have played a small part in the artist, Rachel Wammack.

Watch the short clip HERE.

Like her key influences before her, Adele, Otis Redding, Carrie Underwood and Sam Smith; Wammack honed her craft not only as vocalist, but as a songwriter. Throughout her adolescent years Rachel expressed her art in her songwriting, storytelling, playing in the High School band, and eventually pursuing a degree in professional writing.

All artists take different paths, but with Rachel, her path chose her. At the age of 17 she was discovered by Sony Music Nashville while performing in Muscle Shoals. Five years and many written songs later, Rachel received a record deal from Sony Music Nashville.

Today Rachel begins her next chapter as both a songwriter and recording artist with the release of Rachel Wammack.

Rachel Wammack EP Track Listing

  1. Hard to Believe

Written by Rachel Wammack/Jason Reeves/Jimmy Robbins

  1. Closure

Written by Rachel Wammack/Jonny Price

  1. My Boyfriend Doesn’t Speak for Me Anymore

Written by Rachel Wammack/Danelle Reeves/Tiffany Vartanyan

  1. Damage

Written by Rachel Wammack/Tom Douglas/David Hodges



Rachel Wammack EP Artwork

Credit: Matthew Berinato

For more information on Rachel Wammack, contact:

Fount Lynch

Sony Music Nashville